Our Approach

Our beverages contain real fruits, juices and other natural ingredients. The fruits are sources from local farms and other tropical locations. When blended together, the variety make our beverages taste amazingly refreshing.

Our Story

The Early Rounds

After years of enjoying the work hard/play hard lifestyle of being a graphic designer living in Paterson, New Jersey and working in New York City, Sylvester crashed but fortunately did not burn. He usually stayed fit and took care of his outside appearance by going to the gym, but his internal health suffered due to poor diet and genetic factors. Over time, Sylvester developed gastritis, which caused inflammation, bleeding and ulcers in the lining of the stomach. He was warned by his doctor to change his hectic lifestyle and diet, or he wouldn’t live to see his late twenties.

After frequent episodes of stomach pains, prescription drugs and the persistent feeling like he was about to have a heart attack, Sylvester eventually listened to his doctor. On the days when he couldn’t eat solid foods due to stomach pains, Sylvester would blend fruit and yogurt smoothies. He began eating more fruits & vegetables, and even forgoing his famous Jamaican Curry Chicken.

To keep up with the hectic pace of New York City, he began substituting healthy quick smoothies for cooked food. After about two months of this routine, he lost 10 pounds and 2 inches off his waist. The results were so impressive that Sylvester’s body began to slowly recover. He no longer needed daily doses of prescription medications. From that point, blending and juicing fruit & vegetables became a healthy part of his weekly lifestyle routine.

It was 2004 when the idea of creating a specialty beverage first hit Sylvester. He was watching a boxing match and enjoying one of his signature Jamaican Run Punch with his dad when inspiration struck. Sylvester followed his inner voice and took a bar-tending course to learn more about making mixed drinks. A few months later, he served his first batch of punch at a barbeque. What followed, were many requests from friends, family, coworkers and event owners for his flavorful drinks.

Years later, the plan to create a commercial beverage for the world to enjoy was hatched. After some trails, with feedback from family and friends, Sylvester formulated the right blends. Several work and family events later, the name Sly’s Sucker Punch emerged from his many ideas. To his delight, the name and flavors were a hit at Farmers Markets and Tasting Events.

Now, you can enjoy Amazingly Refreshing Sly’s Sucker Punch™ with family and friends at your next event.


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